The Mandala WALKING HEALING WHEEL 4 foot Floor QUILT by Jennifer Bair  IS HERE!

A magical tool for sacred healing & ritual.  This Handcrafted-to-order quilt is 4.5’ round made from all cotton fabrics, metallic trim center circle with natural batting & backed in 100% natural muslin. Color palette in jewel tones as seen here. Gentle Machine Washable and tumble Dry on low heat.

 This sacred Mandala Wheel is handcrafted-to-order and energetically blessed for holding holistic space for centering on individual areas in this mind/emotion/body/spirit energy system. Your Healing wheel will have 4 main quadrants of color-divided by seams and then quilted with my signature swirls into roses pattern. Clients or trainees become interactive in their engagement as they WALK THE WHEEL individually-sharing & releasing their past, all in moving toward a future whole, empowered self. This sacred tool creates a deepening experience as the container/central hub for ritual and group interaction. A must-have for anyone doing sacred healing work.    

Tabletop Quilted Altar Mandalas with Crystal Grid-

includes assorted crystals, light-weight/easy travel, easy clean

For Meditation, Ritual, Intention-Setting One-of-a-kind, colors vary

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The Goddess Sings- An Audio Workbook &  Music by Jennifer Bair

 A 35 minute Audio CD narrated by Jennifer Bair- a perfect Campanion to the Book-

Open Road A Goddess-Biker Guidebook

A playful mixture of practical exercises and music to help you focus and prepare for a bold and soulful life: giving you a taste of mindfulness...with a beat! This is the companion audio workbook to OPEN ROAD A Goddess-Biker Guidebook
*Review in SAGE WOMAN Magazine Vol. #81
Listen to samples of these simple guided visualizations, exercises and original music*

Declare by Jennifer Bair Band

Goddess-Biker Experiential Work:

learning how to dream in to action, guided meditation, stimulate body/mind/spirit connection, grounding for balance, play the energy game and enjoy more musical excerpts

Buy The Book - Endorsed by The Female Association of Motorcyclists in India- The Bikerinis' founder, TED talks speaker, Urvashi Patoli  

hailed as  "the new Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for our times" 

OPEN ROAD A GODESS-BIKER GUIDEBOOK by Jennifer Bair , Authorhouse/Random house Imprint  Publisher (ISBN# 978152021584)

A great summer read..or wishing for summer! 

A light-hearted metaphoric road into your bold and soulful life through the uses of Earth-based spirituality, The Divine Feminine and Spirit animal journeys...all wrapped around the process of learning to ride and buy your first motorcycle- packed with experiential exercises- grounding for balance, uses of energy in a group, guided meditation for centering as well as "Snapshot stories about women bikers an why they chose this open road- This book brings you closer to your true self and what is rely possible for you in your life!

Part 1  Know Your Bike - know yourself -Message of the Spiritual Age

Part 2 Learning To Ride - Becoming A Seeker of Personal Truth

Part 3 On The Road - Holding The New Vision

Part 4 The Swap Meet - Shadow Journey with your Spirit Animal Helpers

Part 5 The Women's Only Run - Discoveries At The Fork in The Road

open road series

empowerment tools   

for living your bold and soulful life

  your personal journey toward

true self - true abundance.  

*A metaphoric road trip into the world of Goddess-Biker empowerment *Experiential playtime for solo or group interaction *ritual crafting, *uses of the healing wheel *developing earth-based Fem-powered spirituality *deepening devotion to the Divine Feminine through spoken word and music

"I love writing, singing, working with textiles-sewing and quilting are sacred activities that bring me closer to "Her", The Source of All. Enjoy reading and listening to my creativity in action and working with your 

custom-made Healing Wheel Quilt! 
I also invite you to choose what speaks to you
from my line of Boho-inspired natural fabric apparel

and accessories"
Jennifer Bair

"I recommend this high-quality handcrafted quilt. It has a sense of sacredness and beauty. The aspect of being able to literally WALK THE WHEEL or Mandala for change/healing/deep self-connection is the dynamic element that makes this tool so powerful-and easy to use and clean. I use my Healing  Wheel Floor Quilt in my office setting, for training and in group workshops/rituals."

 Dr. Patti Britton

Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator, cofounder-, world recognized leader in sexual wellness 

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for Prosperity, Finding Love & Honoring Women's Cycles

Each 20 minute Audio Download contains Chants, safe ritual preparation, altar setup and Goddess Invocations

Original Verse/Invocation & melodic rock Music in Tribute to FORTUNA REDUX

by Jennifer Bair  *Made in honor of our returning soldiers from active duty with the deepest thanks and joy for their safe return and heartfelt wishes for the families of those who did not. This is for everyone who fights for justice, freedom and prosperity. Blessed Be!  


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A Simple How-To Guide

For Manifesting Your

Bold & Soulful Life

In 4 Easy-To-Do Steps

No hype..this really works!

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